The BoShow Wedding Festival 2016 at the Cathedral of Trees

We’ve never actually been to a wedding show before – they’ve just never really appealed to us. But when we heard about the Bohemian Dreams wedding show at the Cathedral of Trees in Milton Keynes, we thought it would be worth a look.

We’re glad we did – it was far from the glossy wedding magazine sales type event that had put us off shows in the past. This was a relaxed event, in the open (and the sun even came out!) with loads of like minded and friendly suppliers. 

DeanThe BoShow Wedding Festival 2016 at the Cathedral of Trees
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Inviting Children To Your Wedding

The wedding guest list  can be a bit of a minefield for some couples. And one the contentious areas may be whether to invite people’s children along to your wedding. Personally, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to this question, but you do have to make a decision (hopefully without falling out).

HannahInviting Children To Your Wedding
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5 Ways to Own Your Wedding

Getting engaged is VERY exciting – all you can think about is how amazing your wedding day is going to be. It’s a wonderful thing 🙂

But, beware! There are people out there who want to take control of your wedding. I know what you’re thinking – who are these monsters and why would they do this?? Well, OK maybe calling them monsters is being a bit harsh, but the fact is, whether it’s a well-intentioned family member, bridesmaid, dressmaker, venue, or perhaps even your favourite wedding blogger (d’oh!), sometimes they forget what the wedding is all about… YOU!

The reason we created this website (and even wrote a book about it) is to help you, yes YOU dear engaged person, to navigate the wedding planning journey without being pushed and pulled by those around you, so you end up with a wedding day that makes you happier than than a happy thing.

So, here are our top tips for truly owning your wedding…

Dean5 Ways to Own Your Wedding
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Choosing To Do My Own Bridal Makeup

I’ve never been a big makeup wearer. Day-to-day I might wear mascara and a bit of lip balm (only if I have time before I run out the door though). My appearance isn’t my highest priority in life. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to look and feel beautiful on my wedding day. But I was worried about looking at my wedding photos and not really recognising the bride looking back. So, I had a dilemma – what should I do about my bridal makeup so I still felt like myself?

HannahChoosing To Do My Own Bridal Makeup
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How to Make Your Own Jam Jar Flowers

While looking for wedding flower inspiration on Pinterest, your bound to come across some jam jar flowers. This kind of arrangement is a great option if your looking for a rustic, homemade vibe for your wedding flowers. The good news is that jam jar flowers are a pretty simple DIY project to take on for your wedding, even for the novice flower arranger. This step by step guide will show you how easy it is to create your own jam jar flowers.

HannahHow to Make Your Own Jam Jar Flowers
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Wedding Flowers – What Are Your Options?

When you start wondering about wedding flowers, you may immediately think that you need to find a local florist to supply your pretty blooms. But, as I found out, there are other options that you might not have considered yet. Today I’m going to go through the different ways to get the flowers you want for your wedding. 

HannahWedding Flowers – What Are Your Options?
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How to Savour Your Wedding Day Memories

When you’re planning your wedding it’s all about looking forwards to the big day, but there will be a time when it’s in the past and you’re heading off on your merry way into married life, and it will all be a distant memory…

I’m sure any married couple will tell you that the wedding day itself goes by sooooo very quickly. It’s almost cruel how time seems to speed up, just when you need it to slow right down. It’s well worth thinking beforehand about how you’ll remember it.

Here are some of our suggestions – some obvious, some maybe not so. Let us know if you have any of your own!

DeanHow to Savour Your Wedding Day Memories
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