About Us

Hi, we’re Hannah and Dean, creators of Own Your Wedding, and we’re very happy that you’ve found our website. Here is the low down of who we are and why we’ve created this site.

First, a little about us… We’re both engineers, with a serious passion for motorsport, especially Formula 1. We live in a little house in the Oxfordshire countryside with our cat Lucas, who we adopted from a rescue shelter and has taken over the entire house since . So we apologise in advance if a few cat pictures appear around these parts!

We have lots of big dreams and we tend to like to do things our own way; why stick to convention when there may be a more exciting path to take? One our biggest dreams is to build our own house, Grand Designs style, one day.

This is us, enjoying Zion National Park, Utah while on honeymoon

This is Lucas, he likes to sleep on your laptop when you want to work

Our Story

We met at university while we were studying engineering, and it was our shared interest in motorsport that brought us together. Fast forward almost 9 years later to November 2013 when we got engaged and were propelled into the world of wedding planning. We were asked many times in those 9 years ‘so when are you going to get married?’, and in large part it was the prospect of planning a big traditional wedding, with all that entails, that had been putting Dean off taking this step. The idea of the church, the morning suits, speeches and everything else just did not appeal. And it wasn’t until he came to the realisation that our wedding could be something different and very personal that it finally became an exciting prospect and he finally proposed.

We were fortunate to have savings to pay for the wedding, but as mentioned earlier we have a lot of other big dreams to try to fund so we didn’t want to go crazy. We decided we were happy to spend about £10,000, which seemed like a lot of money to us but we didn’t know if even that would be enough to create the wedding we hoped for.

With this budget and just 7 months between the proposal and our wedding day in June 2014, we began planning in earnest. Luckily we have a common need to organise and delve into the details, and planning our own wedding certainly put those skills to the test.

Image Copyright Emma Stoner

This time was also packed with a lot of crafting and DIY projects for the wedding. We did this to make the wedding as personal as possible while getting the most for our hard earned money, but also because we are both control freaks who want to be involved with everything. Happily we found that we really enjoyed the DIY side of things and weren’t too shabby at it either. We made all the stationery and most of the decorations for our wedding.

When our wedding finally arrived all our hard work paid off to give us a day that was even better than we’d imagined; it was relaxed, individual and fun. We’d managed to achieve that in just 7 months and without spending a crazy amount of money. But best of all we really enjoyed planning our wedding. This process that had previously filled us with apprehension, turned out to be a great experience because we did it our own way and we did it together.

And it is because our experience of planning our wedding was so positive that we decided to create Own Your Wedding. We want to help other couples to enjoy planning their weddings as much as we did, by sharing the lessons we learnt along the way which enabled us to create our tailor-made wedding in just over half a year and with a limited budget.

So What is Own Your Wedding all about?

Own Your Wedding is the place where we can support other engaged couples who feel daunted by the task of planning their wedding or are unsure about where to start, just as we were. We hope it will inspire couples to create their own unique and personal weddings, by showing that you don’t have to follow the traditional wedding blueprint. We will share the details of how we actually planned and created our wedding, including the tips and tricks we learnt.

So if you’re getting married and our story strikes a chord with you, why not take a look around the website to see what we have to offer to help you take control and truly own your wedding.