5 Ways to Own Your Wedding

Getting engaged is VERY exciting – all you can think about is how amazing your wedding day is going to be. It’s a wonderful thing 🙂

But, beware! There are people out there who want to take control of your wedding. I know what you’re thinking – who are these monsters and why would they do this?? Well, OK maybe calling them monsters is being a bit harsh, but the fact is, whether it’s a well-intentioned family member, bridesmaid, dressmaker, venue, or perhaps even your favourite wedding blogger (d’oh!), sometimes they forget what the wedding is all about… YOU!

The reason we created this website (and even wrote a book about it) is to help you, yes YOU dear engaged person, to navigate the wedding planning journey without being pushed and pulled by those around you, so you end up with a wedding day that makes you happier than than a happy thing.

So, here are our top tips for truly owning your wedding…

Dean5 Ways to Own Your Wedding
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Real Brides Talking…Wedding Dresses

This week we thought we’d have a little look at wedding dresses, so we caught up with OYW’s chief bride Hannah to find out how she went about finding hers – take a look at the video below!

Hannah finally decided on the hand made silk and lace Nicola dress from the wonderful Minna (

Dress By: Minna
Design: Nicola
Style: Boho
Colour: Cream
Price: £650 for the dress + £40 for the silk belt
Delivery time: 16 weeks

DeanReal Brides Talking…Wedding Dresses
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Dean and Hannah’s Wedding on Boho Weddings

When we were planning our wedding there were a couple of blogs that I read religiously for inspiration pretty much every day. One of these was Boho Weddings – I loved the down to earth advice given, and especially the real wedding posts packed with ideas that I felt I could actually use.

HannahDean and Hannah’s Wedding on Boho Weddings
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