Tips for a Calm Week Before Your Wedding

The week before your wedding has the potential to be the most stressful week ever. But here at Own Your Wedding we are all about keeping it calm. I’ve found that the best way to achieve a sense of calm is to get organised. So I’m going to share my tips for getting organised to make sure the week before your wedding runs smoothly and you’re as calm as can be.

HannahTips for a Calm Week Before Your Wedding
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Wedding Day Timeline

When you attend someone else’s wedding, it seems pretty simple – you turn up for the ceremony, have some lunch and then a disco, and wonder what all the fuss was about (at least that’s what we thought). When it’s YOUR big day however, suddenly you realise how many pieces have to fit together, and that it requires a military precision plan to make it look so easy. Here are our tips and tools for planning your wedding day timeline to make the day a breeze.

DeanWedding Day Timeline
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