How to Make Your Own Jam Jar Flowers

While looking for wedding flower inspiration on Pinterest, your bound to come across some jam jar flowers. This kind of arrangement is a great option if your looking for a rustic, homemade vibe for your wedding flowers. The good news is that jam jar flowers are a pretty simple DIY project to take on for your wedding, even for the novice flower arranger. This step by step guide will show you how easy it is to create your own jam jar flowers.

We had jam jar flower centrepeices on the tables at our wedding reception, they fit the look we were going for. Also these flowers were something we could confidently DIY and save some money on.  So this post is based on what we did and includes some tips. We brought our flowers from a local flower grower; take at look at this post for some ideas of where you could purchase unarranged flowers for your wedding.

Making Jam Jar Flower Centrepieces

Preparing the Jars

We enlisted friends and family to collect jars of all shapes and sizes during the 5 months before our wedding. These all needed to be cleaned. Most of the time soaking them in hot water was fine, but sometimes the labels were tricky to get off if the glue wasn’t water soluble. If this is a problem for you, try covering the label in a layer of peanut butter. Leave it for about half an hour, and then it should scrape off easily. I thought it was a little strange, but it works a treat.

There are lots of ways to decorate your jars. You could tie ribbon, raffia or coloured string around them. Perhaps cover them with tissue paper, lace or washi tape. You can customise the jars to fit whatever wedding style you’re going for.

How to DIY jam jar flowers for your wedding | Own Your Wedding

What You’ll Need

  • Water (using a clean watering can makes it easy to pour)
  • Sterilising tablets (¼ tablet per jar),we used Milton Sterilising Tablets x 28 from Amazon
  • Secateurs or florist’s scissors
  • Selection of flowers (about 4-5 stems per jar), which have already been conditioned so they are less likely to wilt
  • Assortment of jars, clean and decorated
  • Somewhere cool and dark to store the flowers before the wedding

Step 1

Fill the jar to about halfway with water. Add ¼ of a sterilising tablet to the jar and mix it around.

Step 2

Trim 4-5 flower stems per jar, removing any leaves that would be in the water. The flowers should be less than twice the height of the jar. Smaller flowers tend to look better shorter.

Step 3

Arrange the flowers in the jar. These are loose and relaxed arrangements so there is no need to use any particular technique.

Step 4

Store the jam jar flowers, somewhere cool and dark overnight until they are placed on the tables ready for your wedding. The flowers should last a few days, if the water is refreshed.

A Few Tips:

Make the flower arrangements the day before the wedding. You need to give yourself enough time to get them done.

Enlist some helpers to make light work of this task. Start by creating one or two examples of your centrepieces that you are happy with, and then your helpers can copy them.

More Flower Arranging Ideas

Before I decided on these jar jar flowers for our wedding, I brought the Simple Flower Arranging book by Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks for inspiration.

The Simple Flower Arranging book is filled with great ideas for DIY wedding flowers | Own Your Wedding

Being a total newbie to flower arranging, I thought it is was a good beginners book because it covers the basics. It explains how to combine different colours, flower shapes and foliage. It illustrates the different types of vases and containers you could use. The book describes the equipment you may need and gives tips for getting the most out of your flowers.  

There are step by step tutorials for about 60 arrangements in this book, with lots of helpful pictures. These include bouquets, informal designs, vase arrangements, floral foam displays and large designs. They go from quite simple to pretty elaborate. There are plenty of arrangements in this book that would be suitable for a wedding. But it is equally good as a general book to help you make the best of flowers in your home.

Happy planning!

Hannah xxx

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