How to Savour Your Wedding Day Memories (Part 2)

In my last post about savouring your wedding memories, I talked about choosing your photographer. So I thought I’d look at some of your options for what to do with those photos and other keepsakes from your wedding day…

Wedding Album

It may seem a bit old fashioned these days, but having a printed wedding album has a certain romantic charm about it. Nothing beats being able to flick through an album and reliving the whole day from start to finish.

A Photographer’s Album

If you want to order a professionally produced album yourself or as part of your photography package, then you’re all set and probably just need to pick out which photos to include and the style of the album. It might be harder than you think to pick out your favourite photos (hopefully there will be a bahzillion amazing ones), but if you’re limited on how many to include go for the ones that genuinely make you happiest rather than just the most stylish.

There are tons of fantastic suppliers, but we particularly like Folio Albums, whose handmade albums really are a work of art and therefore totally unique to you.

The DIY Album (The Fancy Version)

If you don’t want to go with the album that your photographer recommends, then you can definitely save a bit of money and design your own, even if you have no design skills at all.

We put ours together using an online book service called Blurb ( – you can see the pages on our photos page. You can choose pretty much everything about your book – the size, the style and the quality of the paper.

You’ll need to download their dedicated app (called Bookwright), add your photos and use their templates to create your album. This might not be for the feint hearted, but with a little bit of time and effort you can have a professional quality album for less than £50. At this sort of price, you can get a few printed off and give them to your loved ones as a gift (we found it was a great Christmas prezzie for our parents)

This is the album we went for (20” x 20” with a cover sleeve with high quality paper):

We were REALLY happy with the results – the images look fantastic, even when full page. If you want to go this route, and would like some tips let us know!

The DIY Album (The Crafty Way)

Back in the olden days, the only way people could see their photos was by going into Boots and getting the whole roll of film developed – imagine! You then either a) stuffed the pack of photos into a drawer never to be seen again, or b) stuck them in a fancy looking album.

So why not go all retro and do this for your wedding photos? You could get a fancy scrap book (such as these from Hobbycraft) and go with some hand made decoration. Simply get your wedding photos printed off to the sizes you want and stick them in. What could be simpler? The great thing about this is that it’s just really easy – you can position the photos wherever you want, and plus you can add any other little mementos too, such as your seating card, or perhaps one of your invitations.

The Guest Book

Everyone loves a wedding guest book – a chance for all your guests to tell  you just how amazing you are (obviously you’ll want to keep this nice and neat during the day, so perhaps avoid leaving it near the bar!).

One way in which you can embellish your guest book is to give your guests some extras to stick in – as we mentioned before, if you’re having a photobooth, why not leave some glue so a copy of the photos can be pasted into the guest book?

Or, do as we did and get some extra decoration stickers that go with the style of your day, so that guests can have a bit of fun sticking them in. Here’s an example of some the stickers we had in ours:

Dried Flowers

Our final tip today is great if you splashed out on lots of fancy flowers for your wedding, and hate the thought that within a few days they are never to be seen again! Hannah is definitely the green fingers in our marriage, so I’ll let her explain the process of drying your flowers (it takes a bit of preparation!):

Things you’ll need:

  • An Airtight Plastic Container, Big Enough for the Flowers You Want to Keep
  • Pack of Silica Gel Beads
  • Scissors for Trimming

How to Dry the Flowers:

  • Keep the flowers in water until you’re ready to start the drying process (preferably the day after your wedding)
  • Depending on what part of the flower you want to keep, trim off as much as possible so they are easier to dry
  • Carefully dry them off as best you can using a paper towel
  • Pour in most of the silica gel beads into the container to create a bed
  • Place your flowers in with space around them
  • Carefully pour in the rest of the silica gel around the flowers, trying not to damage them in the process
  • Seal the box up, and place the box somewhere dark for a couple of weeks
  • That’s it – you can now do as you wish with them! Perhaps display them in a suitably deep picture frame?

Obviously there are lots and lots of ways to remember your special day, and we’ve only covered a few here, but it’s definitely worth giving it some thought beforehand as a little preparation can make your life much easier after the wedding.

Hope that helps – do let us know if you have any unique ideas for savouring your own wedding memories!


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DeanHow to Savour Your Wedding Day Memories (Part 2)

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