How to Savour Your Wedding Day Memories

When you’re planning your wedding it’s all about looking forwards to the big day, but there will be a time when it’s in the past and you’re heading off on your merry way into married life, and it will all be a distant memory…

I’m sure any married couple will tell you that the wedding day itself goes by sooooo very quickly. It’s almost cruel how time seems to speed up, just when you need it to slow right down. It’s well worth thinking beforehand about how you’ll remember it.

Here are some of our suggestions – some obvious, some maybe not so. Let us know if you have any of your own!

Using Your Own Brain

Here’s a silly question to start us off: What’s the best way of remembering something?

Answer: Think about it, and remember it! OK, thanks Dean, very helpful…

In all seriousness though, the best piece of advice I can give is to make a conscious effort to take in and savour the special parts of the day. Perhaps just take a lingering look at your partner when you’re exchanging your vows (in a subtle, non-starey kind of way if poss). Make a mental note of the smiles on peoples faces as you walk back down the aisle as newlyweds, or listen carefully to the sounds of the tweeting birds as you enjoy a refreshing glass of champers on the lawn.

A Couple of Tips to Help Savour Those Memories:

  • Try not to let the day rush past - take some time along the way to really take in the moment
  • Pick out something distinctive at any given moment and make a conscious effort to take in the details - this will help to form much more vivid memories


Now you didn’t think of that one did you? Ok, perhaps you did.

Photos are the staple diet of the post-wedding memory monster. They have the power to transport you right back to the moment. Granted, that moment may be the one where Aunty Jane is showing her undercrackers on the dance floor, but it still counts.

So what are the best options for capturing all these amazing moments? (as a hint, it’s not a bad idea to go with all these options if you can!).

Hiring a Professional Photographer

Dean and Hannah's Wedding at

A professional photographer will be able to capture truely amazing images (copyright Emma Stoner)

If you’ve ever tried taking a ‘good’ photo, you’ll likely have experienced the disappointment when the photo you’ve just taken somehow falls short of the Pulitzer Prize winning image you had in your head. The lighting, the angles, the camera settings, your shaky hands. They all conspire to cock it up.

Well, the pros don’t cock it up – very much the opposite. They somehow bring out the best in people and the moment. The way they compose the shot to draw the eye, the way the light just softens the whole scene. And it’s all in focus. And YOU didn’t have to do anything. Plus their kit probably cost more than your whole wedding.

That’s why it’s worth hiring a pro. A good one will be in the right place at the right time, and get the right photo so that you can enjoy it forever.

We hired the wonderful Emma Stoner for our wedding. Her style really suited the day we had planned – very relaxed and informal. (The photos were amazing – you can see them here).

Some Tips for Choosing Your Photographer

  • You are spoilt for choice when it comes to photographers, so take your time and take a good look around at all the options before making your decision
  • Think about the sort of style you want in your photos - are you looking for some dramatic staged shots, or a more relaxed vibe? Some photographers may suit your style better than others
  • Check the details of what you actually get - some photographers will include a certain number of prints, and charge more for additional ones. Others will just give you a DVD with all the high resolution photos on so that you can then choose how to print and share them

How About a Photobooth?

We used PicMe Photobooths at our wedding | Own Your Wedding

We used PicMe Photobooths at our wedding – muchos fun!

Once upon a time, photobooths were purely used for passport photos. Over the last few years however they have been promoted to the slightly more glamorous world of the P-A-R-T-Y! No more gloomy faces – it’s all about grabbing a prop and your friends, and looking as ‘wacky’ as possible.

One of the best things about a photobooth is that they seem to bring out the party vibe in even the most reserved guest (they really do save it up for the ‘booth!). So even if you’ve failed to encourage people onto the dance floor, you can be pretty sure you’ll get the fun started once the photobooth is open.

Typically you can hire a photobooth for the evening, and have it running for a few hours. The supplier might send someone to keep an eye on things (which is a good thing once people have had a few drinks!). The photos are normally printed straight away so people can take them home as a memento.

We were very lucky that our friends own a photobooth – they are called PicMe Photobooths and we couldn’t have been happier with our wedding booth!

What Makes a Good Photobooth:

  • See if you can get 2 copies of the photos printed off – one for the guests and one that they can stick in your guest book
  • Some photobooth suppliers will upload the photos to the internet, so that you can download them afterwards. This is a great way to saviour even more memories from your wedding day
  • Check what sort of props and backgrounds will come with the photobooth – perhaps you can even choose an appropriate background to suit your theme?

FREE Wedding Photos (Ask Your Guests to Take Them!)

Guest photos at Dean and Hannah's Wedding | Own Your Wedding

Our guests taking photos at our wedding (copyright Emma Stoner)

We all know that guests take plenty of their own photos at a wedding, but with a little extra encouragement and a plan in place to collect them all, guest photos can form yet another great pile of wonderful reminders of your wedding.

One of the best things about guests’ photos is that you get to see the day unfold from their perspective. So let them know before the wedding that you’d love everyone to take as many photos as they can to capture the day from a unique angle.

Give them details of what to do with the photos after the wedding day. One of the best ways to collect them is for your guests to upload their photos to a sharing website such as Wedpics ( You can set a password for your wedding to stop outsiders snooping, but allow you and your guests to browse. You may be surprised at just how good some of the photos are.

Getting the Most Out of Your Guests

  • Encourage your guests to take photos throughout the day to help tell the story from their own perspective
  • Give your guests details about where and how to upload their photos so that you can share them after the wedding

How About Video?

Whilst photos are a great way to remember lots of little moments, there’s no doubt that the best way to recreate the emotion of the day is with a video. Take some beautifully shot video, add some suitably epic music, and the end result can leave you in floods of tears (of happiness, hopefully).

Video isn’t for everyone of course – I suppose there’s nowhere to hide when the camera is rolling, but it’s the closest you’ll come to actually being right back there, waiting nervously/walking down the aisle/busting some badass moves on the dance floor.

Choosing a Videographer (Yes, that’s What a Video Taker Person is Called)

As with photos, it will take a professional to get it right. There will need to be a fair bit of planning to make sure the camera is in the right place at the right time, and because of the need to capture sound at key moments you may even end up wearing wireless microphones for the ceremony to make sure you can be heard over the coughing and crying babies! But in terms of bringing back the emotions, it’ll be hard to beat.

A Couple of Things to Consider…

  • Think about whether you’ll definitely be able to relax knowing there’s a video camera pointed at you for most of the day
  • As with a photographer, check out the style of the videographer to make sure it fits in with your overall vibe

So, that covers memories, photos and video, but of course there are lots of other ways to savour your wedding – enough to justify a part 2 blog post, so keep an eye out for more tips coming soon!

Happy planning!

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