Stuff we Love… Save the Date Wedding Podcast

Every now and then, you stumble upon something that is so good, you let out a little squeak of excitement. A few weeks ago we had a squeak moment, when we starting listening to Aleisha McCormack’s podcast, called Save the Date.

After getting married in Australia, Aleisha moved to London last year, and decided to keep the wedding flame going by talking about all things weddingy. Sometimes by herself, and often with expert guests. It’s such a breath of fresh air – Leish deffo embraces the no bullshizzle approach. There are swears, and thankfully no censorship – we’re all adults, it’s fine!

Because I’m such a fanboy, I sent in a reply to one of Aleisha’s listener questions, and holy schmoley it was featured in last week’s episode (110 Wedding Q&A- Sticking to your guns)!

We can’t recommend it highly enough – what better way to while away the journey to work? Or even better – listen at work and effectively get paid for it??

You can subscribe to the podcast here

DeanStuff we Love… Save the Date Wedding Podcast

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