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When you attend someone else’s wedding, it seems pretty simple – you turn up for the ceremony, have some lunch and then a disco, and wonder what all the fuss was about (at least that’s what we thought). When it’s YOUR big day however, suddenly you realise how many pieces have to fit together, and that it requires a military precision plan to make it look so easy. Here are our tips and tools for planning your wedding day timeline to make the day a breeze.

Our Top 5 Wedding Day Timeline Tips

  1. Allow yourself plenty of time for each part of the day – you don’t want to be rushing from one place to the next.
  2. Give your guests at least a rough idea of the schedule for the day beforehand, so they can make plans in plenty of time (i.e. so they can decide if they should have lunch before arriving? What time do they need to book a taxi for?)
  3. Make sure all the key people, such as the groomsmen, bridesmaids, suppliers etc have a copy of the timeline beforehand so that everyone knows where and when all the key moments will take place.
  4. Include a scheduled time to relax together as a couple – time will fly, so it’s important to take a quiet moment and appreciate just what an amazing day you’re having!
  5. Allow plenty of time if you want staged photos. Consider how you will entertain your guests whilst you’re busy having your photos taken.


Try and list the day of wedding timeline in as much detail as you can, and include your alternative plans if necessary for adverse weather etc. The more detail you go into, the better you’ll be able to judge whether you’ve allowed enough time for each part. Create a spreadsheet with the times on the left and the events next to them. You can include details such as who is responsible for what, perhaps with a colour code for each person so it’s easier to pick out.

Print your final timeline and hand copies to the key people involved – i.e. the best man, maid of honour, photographer, caterers, ceremony and reception venues (and of course copies for the bride and groom!). This way everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet and will help ensure everyone is on time and where they need to be.

One Mistake to Avoid

Don’t cram too much into your day, not only will you be rushed off your feet, but you’ll have created lots of extra work for yourselves in the build up and there will be more things that can go wrong. Focus on a few simple things that will guarantee you wake up the next day with a huge smile on your face. We scrapped lots of crazy plans along the way, as it became clear we’d never have time to prepare everything. In hindsight, we made the right decisions as we only just managed to get everything ready in time with our slightly more simplified plan.

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