Wedding Planning With Pinterest

Have you started creating wedding boards on Pinterest yet? Here are my ideas for wedding planning with Pinterest.

Before I planned my own wedding I didn’t have a Pinterest account. I thought I didn’t need yet another social media account. But I was wrong. Pinterest isn’t like other social media because it can actually be useful. Particularly if you’ve got a wedding to plan.

Pinterest for Beginners

If you haven’t already joined in the wonderful world of Pinterest, I’ll give you a quick intro to get you acquainted. But if you’re an old hand with Pinterest feel free to skip ahead to the next bit.

I use Pinterest to collect images I find beautiful, interesting or useful. When you add an image to Pinterest it’s called a Pin. Not only is the image stored, but also the web address it came from. So you can always get back to the website later. This makes it an excellent place to stash your wedding research.

You add your Pins to a board. When you create a board you give it a theme to gather similar things in one place. You can make a board for each part of your wedding; food, decorations, invites, dresses, anything. You can even create secret boards for things you don’t want the world to see, like your wedding dress.

Own Your Wedding Pinterest boards at www.ownyourwedding,com

Here are the Own Your Wedding boards on Pinterest

You can add images directly from a website as you peruse the internet. Many websites will have Pin It buttons on their images to make it super easy for you to pin them. You can install the Pinterest Browser Button to make it simple to create a Pin even if the website doesn’t have the Pin It buttons built in. When you add a Pin you can include a comment to remind you what you liked about it.

Pinterest isn’t just a great place to store cool stuff, it’s also an excellent place to search for ideas. You can search the wealth of Pins added by other Pinners to add to your own boards. At the top of your home feed there’s a search box to help you find what you’re interested in. You can also browse Pins by topic using the button at the right end of the search box. And of course there’s a weddings topic in there.

Wedding Planning With Pinterest at

Pinterest home feed and search options

When you find Pinners, boards and topics that are your cup of tea, you can follow them. This means the latest Pins from that Pinner, board or topic will appear in your home feed. Making it easier to find more of the things you like.

Pinterest isn’t just available on the web, there are smartphone or tablet apps too. Meaning wherever you are, you can pin away to your heart’s content and continue your wedding research.

There’s a more detailed guide on the Pinterest website, click here for that. The support staff at Pinterest have been really useful when I’ve had questions, so be sure to contact them if you need help to get you going.

Ways to Use Pinterest When Planning Your Wedding

Check out your potential suppliers. Weddings are a popular topic on Pinterest, so many wedding suppliers are on there.  Take a nosey at their boards. They should have lots of examples of their work on their boards for you to look at. Often they will also have extra boards of things they personally like. Do their boards contain pins that appeal to you? Looking at their boards can give you a better sense of whether they’re really the right supplier for you.   

Collaborate. Pinterest is great for sharing ideas between a group. At the top of each board is a button to invite people to join your board.  Not only is this useful for the Bride and Groom, but also the rest of the wedding party. You could have group boards for your bridesmaids to gather dress ideas for instance. Don’t forget your suppliers either, I shared a board with the florist for my wedding to plan my flowers.

Curate your plans. When you first start researching wedding ideas, just pin everything that you like.  But once you settle on a particular vibe for big day, it’s time to start curating your boards to stop them being overwhelming. Once I‘d decided which ideas I wanted to use I went through my boards and deleted anything else. If that seems a bit drastic, you could create new boards and move the Pins you definitely plan to use across to make your new curated boards without losing any Pins. This should help you focus on what needs to be done.

Stopping Pinterest Driving You Crazy

Wedding Planning With Pinterest at

I love using Pinterest, but it should come with a health warning for any wedding planner:

  • Wedding overload. There is a LOT of stuff on Pinterest, and it can become really overwhelming. Make sure  you have your wedding priorities set first, if you need help with this click here for our post. Keep focused on these priorities to filter out all the other noise.
  • Unrealistic expectations. All the beautiful wedding images on Pinterest can make you feel that only a ‘Pinterest Perfect’ wedding, with mountains of little details and extras, will do. But in reality most of us don’t have the time or money to do all of these things. Remember that lots of these images are from ‘styled’ photoshoots not real wedding. It’s not the stuff that will make your wedding successful, it’s about enjoying the day (and the planning).
  • Time suck. Pinterest can be a big black hole, where you lose all sense of time. There are so many lovely things to get your attention. No one has time to waste, especially when you’re planning a wedding. So you need some self control here. Have specific targets when searching on Pinterest and sent time limits (use the timer on your phone to warn you when enough is enough).  

Time to Get Pinning

Pinterest is a fab resource for any couple planning a wedding. You can keep all your research safe and organised in a pretty way. With the Pinterest app you can continue your wedding planning wherever you are, whenever you have spare time. Collaborating on boards allows you to easily share ideas with the people who matter, in a clear way. Just make sure you don’t have too much of this good thing. Pinterest was a great tool for us when we planned our wedding.

Head over to our Own Your Wedding Pinterest Boards and follow us for more wedding planning inspiration, Pinterest style. You can also see the boards we created when we were planning our own wedding (those are the D&H boards).

Happy Planning!

Hannah x

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