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Welcome to Own Your Wedding – a website dedicated to anyone who wants to take control of their wedding plans. We want to take the stress out of wedding planning by helping to get your wedding plans organised (all whilst saving time and money)

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We are Hannah and Dean, and after our wedding in 2014 we decided to share the secrets of how we organised our wedding, including all the planning tools we created so that others might benefit

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Jenny & George’s Village Hall Wedding

On the 21st May our friends Jenny & George tied the knot in the beautiful little village of Buckland, Oxfordshire. We had a lot of fun helping them out with some of the preparations, including a bit of stationary, and it was a great day (despite the British summer weather!). We recorded a video diary

The BoShow Wedding Festival 2016 at the Cathedral of Trees

We’ve never actually been to a wedding show before – they’ve just never really appealed to us. But when we heard about the Bohemian Dreams wedding show at the Cathedral of Trees in Milton Keynes, we thought it would be worth a look. We’re glad we did – it was far from the glossy wedding magazine sales

DIY Wedding Order of Service Booklet

With just 4 weeks to go until their wedding, our friends Jenny & George asked us if we could help out with their order of service booklets. We had made quite a bit of the stationary for our wedding, so we were happy to be able to help out. Let us know what you think

Inviting Children To Your Wedding

The wedding guest list  can be a bit of a minefield for some couples. And one the contentious areas may be whether to invite people’s children along to your wedding. Personally, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to this question, but you do have to make a decision (hopefully without falling out).

5 Ways to Own Your Wedding

5 Ways to Own Your Wedding

Getting engaged is VERY exciting – all you can think about is how amazing your wedding day is going to be. It’s a wonderful thing 🙂 But, beware! There are people out there who want to take control of your wedding. I know what you’re thinking – who are these monsters and why would they

Choosing to do my own bridal makeup

Choosing To Do My Own Bridal Makeup

I’ve never been a big makeup wearer. Day-to-day I might wear mascara and a bit of lip balm (only if I have time before I run out the door though). My appearance isn’t my highest priority in life. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to look and feel beautiful on my wedding day. But

Our simple guide to DIY jam jar flowers for your wedding | Own Your Wedding

How to Make Your Own Jam Jar Flowers

While looking for wedding flower inspiration on Pinterest, your bound to come across some jam jar flowers. This kind of arrangement is a great option if your looking for a rustic, homemade vibe for your wedding flowers. The good news is that jam jar flowers are a pretty simple DIY project to take on for your wedding, even for the novice flower arranger.

How to Savour Your Wedding Day Memories, Part 2

How to Savour Your Wedding Day Memories (Part 2)

In my last post about savouring your wedding memories, I talked about choosing your photographer. So I thought I’d look at some of your options for what to do with those photos and other keepsakes from your wedding day…

Baffled by wedding flower options? Find some answers at

Wedding Flowers – What Are Your Options?

When you start wondering about wedding flowers, you may immediately think that you need to find a local florist to supply your pretty blooms. But, as I found out, there are other options that you might not have considered yet. Today I’m going to go through the different ways to get the flowers you want for your

How to Savour Your Wedding Memories | Own Your Wedding

How to Savour Your Wedding Day Memories

When you’re planning your wedding it’s all about looking forwards to the big day, but there will be a time when it’s in the past and you’re heading off on your merry way into married life, and it will all be a distant memory… I’m sure any married couple will tell you that the wedding

Tips for having a calm week before your wedding | Own Your Wedding

Tips for a Calm Week Before Your Wedding

The week before your wedding has the potential to be the most stressful week ever. But here at Own Your Wedding we are all about keeping it calm. I’ve found that the best way to achieve a sense of calm is to get organised. So I’m going to share my tips for getting organised to make sure the

How to Make Your Own…Giant Light Up Letters

Just in case your guests forget who’s wedding they are at, why not have a (not so) subtle reminder in the form of giant flashy light letters in the shape of your initials?!

How to make your own DIY bunting, no sewing required, at

DIY Bunting, No Sewing Required

Love the idea of wedding bunting, but don’t have the budget to buy it or the sewing skills to make it? No problem, neither did we but we found a way. And in today’s post I’m going to share our guide to making easy DIY bunting, without any sewing.

Stuff we love... Save the Date Wedding Podcast - we're featured in episode 110 |

Stuff we Love… Save the Date Wedding Podcast

Every now and then, you stumble upon something that is so good, you let out a little squeak of excitement. A few weeks ago we had a squeak moment, when we starting listening to Aleisha McCormack’s podcast, called Save the Date.

Wedding Preparation Checklist | Own Your Wedding

Wedding Preparation Checklist

When I began planning my wedding I didn’t know where to start, or what our first step should be. It was a little bit daunting. But now we’ve been through this process, I want to share our wedding preparation checklist with you.  So you’ll know what steps to go through when you’re planning your wedding. Don’t miss the free printable at the end

Interview with a real bride about her wedding dress - with Hannah at

Real Brides Talking…Wedding Dresses

This week we thought we’d have a little look at wedding dresses, so we caught up with OYW’s chief bride Hannah to find out how she went about finding hers – take a look at the video below! Hannah finally decided on the hand made silk and lace Nicola dress from the wonderful Minna ( Dress By: Minna Design: Nicola

How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations using Canva at

How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation (or save-the-date) is the first thing from your wedding the guests see. It sets the vibe, so it’s important to get it right. But I was shocked how much they cost, even the off-the-shelf ones from your local high street cost a small fortune. We decided the DIY route was the best

Wedding planning with Pinterest - our top advice and tips for using Pinterest to inspire your wedding planning at

Wedding Planning With Pinterest

Have you started creating wedding boards on Pinterest yet? Here are my ideas for wedding planning with Pinterest.

Wedding Day Checklist at

Wedding Day Checklist

As your big day approaches, you may begin to feel a slight feeling of panic. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal! Instead of pacing around worrying about all the things that could go wrong (but almost certainly won’t), why not put all that nervous energy into writing a wedding day checklist. That way, you’ll be

Wedding Day Timeline at

Wedding Day Timeline

When you attend someone else’s wedding, it seems pretty simple – you turn up for the ceremony, have some lunch and then a disco, and wonder what all the fuss was about (at least that’s what we thought). When it’s YOUR big day however, suddenly you realise how many pieces have to fit together, and that

Wedding Guest List at

Wedding Guest List Tips

Deciding on your wedding guest list can be stressful, it was for us. So we’re going to share our top tips to navigate this potentially tricky subject.

Wedding Budget at

Wedding Budget

It’s not the most romantic topic to think about when it comes to weddings, but if like us you have a fixed amount of money, it’s really important to keep on top of your spending. So, here are some simple tips and tools that helped us keep our wedding budget on track.

How to Start Planning a Wedding at

How to Start Planning a Wedding

You’re engaged – congratulations! The initial surprise is starting to wear off and now you’re wondering how to start planning a wedding? 

Dean and Hannah's Wedding on Boho Weddings at

Dean and Hannah’s Wedding on Boho Weddings

When we were planning our wedding there were a couple of blogs that I read religiously for inspiration pretty much every day. One of these was Boho Weddings – I loved the down to earth advice given, and especially the real wedding posts packed with ideas that I felt I could actually use.

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